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Europaweg and suspension bridge closed. From Monday 29.10.2018 the suspension bridge in Randa will be closed. The bridge is NOT passable in winter and will be reopened in spring. All liability is declined.

Welcome hikers !

This website brings you to the marvellous world of the mountain, around the massif of Mount Rose. Here, you will find a lot of precious information.

The Monte Rose – Matterhorn Tour is divided in nine stages that can also be done seperately. The departure and arrival are located in the famous village of Zermatt. The Tour goes through the Theodulpass and continues towards Italy and the Monte Moro. Then, it comes back to Switzerland, passing through Grächen, in Zermatt. You are also free to do the Tour in the other direction or to start at another location.

On this website, you will find brief descriptions of each stage, with an altitude profile and superb images of the road to cover. Also, we propose a series of telephone numbers that will facilitate the planning of the Tour as well as texts concerning geology, wildlife, flora and Walser culture.

Please take good note of the section tips.

You can order the official book of the Monte Rosa – Matterhorn Tour online, in the literature section. This book contains more than a 100 pictures that are an enchantment to the eyes. The book gives more details than this website. In it, you can find, on top of the hiking maps, explanatory texts as well as an overview of the course in the form of charts containing precious informations (duration of the course, accommodation and supply possibilities, public transportation, etc.)

We wish a lot of pleasure and success to all the Tour hikers!
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